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Review - TABLA, Calle Doctor Ruperto González Negrin, Arrecife, Lanzarote

Myself and Nicola have been coming to Lanzarote for almost ten years and have been lucky enough to meet some great people who have chosen to settle on the island and run very successful food businesses. Benn Atkinson and Zoe Buchanan own La Cantina in the old capital La Villa de Teguise, a traditional restaurant that is proving popular with both locals and tourists alike, and place that myself and Nicola have loved eating at on previous visits to the island.

We had heard through the grapevine that Benn & Zoe along with the help of their friend Nicola, had recently opened a new restaurant in the commercial capital and as myself and Nicola always make time for a shopping day in Arrecife, we were always going to swing by to check it out.
TABLA Arrecife sits just along from the 5 Star Arrecife Gran hotel and as most tourist who drive into the city tend to park in the car park underneath the hotel, the restaurant will be easy to find as you need to walk by it to get to the main shopping stretch.
We arrived about 1:30pm and after initially sitting inside, we decided to move outside to one of the tables on the sidewalk, as the cool breeze from the sea helped take the heat out of a very hot afternoon. TABLA specialises in quality burgers but also serves up a selection of salads and tasting boards, and after a look over the menu we decided to share a couple of plates between us.
First up was our Tabla de Queso, a wonderful board of fresh, semi-cured, cured, and blue cheeses. This was presented on a bed of peppery rocket and with sun-dried tomato, pickled cornichons, olives, balsamic onions fresh bread and herby butter. Neither myself and Nicola are fans of blue cheese but we gave it a go again .... unfortunately, our minds haven't been changed yet! However that said, the rest of the board was fantastic - we both love the cheeses of Lanzarote and the fresh local cheeses served on the Tabla de Queso were great, perfectly matched by the various accompaniments on the board. We had the board as part of our lunch but it would work just as easily watching the sun go down whilst enjoying a bottle of local Lanzarote wine.
We had seen some photos on Facebook of the burgers that TABLA were serving up and despite the fact that the temperature was tipping 30 Celsius, we knew that we had to taste the main item from the menu. Nicola got to choose and selected the Funghi Burger, a six ounce prime beef patty topped with bacon, cheese, caramelised onions and tons of fried mushrooms and served in a burger bun with gem lettuce leaves. The burger is served with a chipotle dipping sauce which added a really nice spice to the plate. The burger was well cooked with just a little pink in the middle, and the combination of all of the added toppings was a perfect balance of flavour. The burger was huge and unfortunately was a little difficult to eat without making a mess, I ended up with sauce all over my face whist Nicola ended up using knife and fork to eat her half. Maybe worth giving thought to some kind of holding device to help diners, especially those who decide to double up for just and extra €3.
Would be go back? Absolutely! The food was well presented and full of flavour, our bill including a small Peroni Nastro Azzurro and a bottle of Fanta Limon was just €20 which we both thought was great value for money and definitely worth making the trip from the resort into the big city. There are a few dessert items on the menu too including Zoe's Famous Chocolate Brownie but we were both stuffed, so we'll need to find time to get back before we head home later this week.
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 Written by Gerry HaughianWritten by Gerry Haughian

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