Sunday, 10 May 2015

30 Second Beer Review - Hibernation White IPA by Bear Hug Brewing

London is bursting with craft brewers making sure that there are always plenty of unusually named beers vying for your attention.
Hibernation White IPA (ABV 5.2%) from Bear Hug Brewing.
  • Bought at Whyte & Brown, Soho for £5.50
  • Pours with a tight foamy head that hangs around until the end.
  • This hybrid beer looks like a wheat beer with it's cloudy, pale hazy yellow appearance.
  • Very citrusy on the nose with grapefruit and lemon fighting for your attention. Background floral notes are also evident.
  • Medium to high carbonation.
  • This is very easy to drink with almost champagne biscuity flavours yielding to lemon and grapefruit. Good bitterness leaving a clean dry finish.
I really liked this offering from Bear Hug Brewing and while it claims to be a hybrid of wheat beer and IPA, there is no mistaking that this is very obviously IPA in style. That said, Hibernation White IPA has all the characteristics that I like and I can't wait to get my hands on my next bottle.



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