Friday, 19 June 2015

30 Second Beer Review - Perfect Storm by Williams Bros. Brewing Co.

One of my recent 5 Questions posts featured Scottish brewers, William Bros. Brewing Co. In the post I mentioned that they were one of my current favourite suppliers of craft beers so it only seemed right that I made them the focus of my next 30 Second Beer Reviews.
If you had asked me last week which of the Williams Bros. beers I like best, I would have been torn between either Joker IPA or Seven Giraffes as both of these beers are great, however that was before I tasted Perfect Storm earlier this week and now I have a new favourite.
Perfect Storm Epic IPA by Williams Bros. Brewing Co.
  • Bought at Aldi for £1.49
  • Pours with a creamy head that hangs around through the whole drink
  • Deep copper colour
  • Smells fresh and light with big grapefruit and tropical notes on the nose
  • Medium carbonation
  • The grapefruit notes are clearly evident but are crushed by a massive hops bitter finish. There a great balance of crisp and bitter fighting for attention but bitter wins in the end.
I really enjoyed this epic offering from Williams Bros. with Perfect Storm bringing an almost calming effect to my manic day and it definitely will not be the last time that I drink this fantastic IPA. If only Summer would hurry up and arrive as I can imagine enjoying this on a hot sunny day whilst quietly rearranging the thought in my overly cluttered head.



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