Monday, 15 June 2015

National Picnic Week - 13th to 21st June

With National Picnic Week now under way, here are some great reasons to give a hamper as a present.
A Hamper as a Present is personal and special
The contents of a hamper are selected specifically with the recipient in mind and not just a "best fit bottle of bubble bath" from toiletries shelves in the shop. The multiple sides of a person’s personality can be reflected in the variety of ingredients in a hamper as well as the way it is carefully wrapped, decorated and packaged in a wicker basket.
It strengthens the relationship (Business and Personal)
Hampers normally come as a "surprise" and, if chosen correctly, a pleasant surprise that will strengthen your relationship with the recipient. It is usually accompanied by pleasant thoughts and messages which strengthen the relationship even more – and something the recipient may treasure for life.
It prevents disappointment
We all have experienced the feeling of that "unwanted gift" which leaves us with the afterthought of "what on earth did he/she think of me to give me this …" and at the same time left that relationship with a scar of disappointment. When you give a hamper as a present, it is very difficult to go wrong and therefore prevent damages to relationships between people and businesses. The variety that is offered in hampers is of such an extent that there will always be something the recipient would like and appreciate.
It is acceptable to both genders
A present for him? A Present for her? A present for both of them? Decisions, decisions, decisions. And what if they don’t like it after all the effort you’ve put to select the right present for him/her or them? All that stress and complicated decisions are eliminated with the variety on offer in one single basket of a hamper. You can be assured that there will be something in the basket which will be acceptable to the recipient and will make them happy.
A Hamper as a Present is effortless
We sometimes postpone the buying of a present due to the effort involved to get it. Statistics are very clear in terms of the buying habits of people with a strong trend to online shopping. Buying a hamper online is as effortless as eating an ice-cream - there are lots of brilliant places online that you can buy a hamper for quick and easy delivery.
A hamper is shareable
The social media explosion the past couple of years is a clear indication of the passion of people to share. People share everything – from holiday photos, successes and failures, relocations, relationships, etc. After all, what is a life without sharing? That is the same with hampers: there is always enough in a hamper to share with your partner, children or friends, or business colleagues.
Size does matter if you give a Hamper as a Present
Not many presents come in such a large selection of sizes as hampers. If you want to buy a bottle of wine for a person, then it is practically just one size; a t-shirt, maybe three sizes – but just one size that fits; a bottle perfume, one or maybe two sizes. You will not have that problem with hampers as you can select any size of hamper customized with any content to be the exact size for the recipient.
A Hamper as a Present – is Green
Most of the hampers are packed in a lovely wicker-basket which people then keep for either sentimental value or to repack and send on to another person. Nothing is wasted and the hamper buyer therefore serves a dual purpose by making another person happy as well as saving the planet.
A Hamper as a Present gives a strong "Present" feeling
A hamper ticks all the boxes that gives it that lovely "it’s a present" feeling: visual – the lovely wrapping and the colours of the ingredients through the cellophane paper, the feeling of something substantial; the smell of the ingredients when you start unwrapping and then, finally – the feeling of somebody who cares!! That is the purpose of a Hamper!!
So why not celebrate National Hamper Week by sending a hamper to a friend or family? Even better, why not use a hamper to thank your loyal customers for their continued business over the past year?
From small businesses to international blue-chip companies we provide the same high level of service in fulfilling corporate orders. This is why businesses come back to us time after time for their corporate gift requirements.
As it happens, I work for a company that has a fantastic range of hampers for both business and personal use, so . So whether you're looking for a one-off gift for a friend, or you're a business looking to thank your customers there's something to suit all budgets. Celebrate Picnic Week in style by checking out Providoré Gifts for a fantastic range of hampers that can be delivered directly to you or your recipient.


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