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Product Review - Ten Acre Crisps & Hand Picked Popcorn

I love crisps. There, I've said it. I have always been a big fan and could easily eat bag after bag of crunchy fried potato crisps without thinking too much about it. I'm not sure that I could identify a particular brand that I lean towards as my crisp of choice, or indeed pick out a favourite flavour either. Although in my opinion, it is difficult to beat a well flavoured cheese'n'onion crisp.
Perhaps aware of my fondness for crisps, the good people at Ten Acre Snacks recently sent me a mixed box of crisps (and popcorn) to put through their paces. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I stepped up to the plate and put my experience to the test.
The first thing that catches the eye is how the packaging differs from other crisp packets in the market. The artwork on the bags isbrightly coloured with a matt print finish which gives the bags a certain classiness that you don't get from some of the big players in the crisp arena. Ten Acre crisps are available in 8 flavours, each with a character and story of their own with carry quirky names like "The Secret of Mr Salt", "When The Chilli Got Sweet", and my favourite "How Chicken Soup Saved The Day".
Ten Acre Crisps don't just look great on the outside, they taste great too. Made from UK sourced potatoes, plus flavourings and packaging are sourced from the UK, the crisps deliver a good crunch in the mouth and a deliciously natural flavour. I'm not sure which of the crisp flavours I enjoyed best but would recommend that the "The Story of When The Cheese Met The Onion" get a Pulitzer Prize for Taste.
If anyone needed a second opinion, then Nicola can confirm that the Ten Acre Crisps are some of the best that we have tasted. You see, Nicola is a traditionalist when it comes to crisps, sticking to Salt and Vinegar or Ready Salted as she feels that most other flavours are fake tasting or overpowering so it says something that Nicola's favourite was the wonderfully flavoured "How Chicken Soup Saved the Day"
Popcorn sales in the UK are booming with sales of bagged popcorn up almost 40% over the last year. On the back of this growth, the crisp manufacturers are making sure that they have good representation on the shelves of supermarket and delicatessen and Ten Acre are no different. Thank goodness because the 5 flavours that Ten Acre are all delicious. There are lots of savoury popcorns on the market but I feel that most struggle to deliver realistic flavours, especially when they try to get adventurous with their flavour combinations. No such worries here as the Lime & Sea Salt, Fennel & Lemon, and Wasabi all delivered in spades.
Ten Acre crisps and popcorn make the perfect accompaniment to a chilled bottle of wine, we should know as we managed to chomped our way through about six bags last Friday evening but don't take our word for it, the judging panel at The Great Taste Awards agreed by giving awards to two each of the crisps and popcorn.
Who knows, if Worzel Gummidge was still hanging around Ten Acre Field, would he be treating Aunt Sally to a 'cup o' tea an' a slice o' cake' or a bag of 'Auntie Winifred's Sweet and Salty' popcorn or 'When The Bombay Got Spicy' crisps? (OK, I know it's a tenuous link)
I would like to say that although the crisps and popcorn samples were sent to me at no charge from Ten Acre Snacks, the review is an honest account on how much we enjoyed the product. In fact, I can't wait to get along to my nearest stockist to get myself a fresh supply.
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 Written by Gerry Haughian Written by Gerry Haughian

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