Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Quick Review - Entrepuentes City, Marina Lanzarote, Av. Olof Palme, Arrecife

The weather in Lanzarote was hot, humid and hazy so instead of waiting on the sun making an appearance from behind the clouds, myself and Nicola took a drive through to Arricife for a little bit of retail therapy. After grabbing a relaxing drink in the Star Bar on the top floor of The Arrecife Gran hotel, we drove round to check out the recently redeveloped Marina Lanzarote hoping to find somewhere that we could stop for lunch.
Opened in 2014, the marina is a great mix of shops, restaurants, bars and tourists attractions, is already making Arrecife a key stopping point for some of the biggest cruise liners that sail the oceans. We wandered along the length of the marina and found that there were restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets but as we were only after a quick lunch we didn't want to break the bank. After a quick glance at the menu for Entrepuentes, we knew we had found what we were looking for.
The menu at Entrepuentes is filled with sandwiches, bocadillos, burgers, salads, pizzas, pastas, and small tapas plates so we were spoiled for choice. What caught our eye though was the menu deals which include a sandwich, French fries or salad, and a drink from as little as €5.90! Nicola opted for a bocadillo with chips and a glass of wine from Bodegas El Grifo in Lanzarote, the oldest winery in the Canaries. I ordered had a bocadizza with salad and an ice cold 1906 Reserva Especial, a beer from Estrella Galicia to celebrate the brewery's centenary.
Do what is a bocadizza, you might ask? Well, my lunch sandwich was a light focaccia that was filled with chorizo, red peppers, cubed ham, a tomato sauce and lots of cheese. This was then toasted and sprinkled with dried oregano just before serving. I love pizza and in essence, this was a pizza toastie. All of the flavours of a good pizza were here but trapped within the lightness of the focaccia bread. I had ordered a Caesar salad on the side which was crisp and fresh with plenty of cubed chicken breast pieces in a rich creamy ranch dressing.
Nicola loves a bocadillo and her toasted baguette filled with a whole breast of chicken, fried onions, cheese and mayonnaise, definitely hit the spot. The bucket of French fries on the side were a great accompaniment to the bocadillo although I couldn't resist stealing a chip every now and again.
It should be easy to serve up a quick and easy food at lunchtime but so many places get it wrong by over complicating what is essentially a simple sandwich. The range of choice on the menu at Entrepuentes is fantastic and I'm still struggling to get my head around the fact that we only paid €15 for two sandwiches, chips and a salad, plus two premium drinks. The food was full of flavour, the service was polite and unrushed and based on this visit we will definitely be heading back to Entrepuentes again before our stay in Lanzarote is over.
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