Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Celebrating Burns Night with Hall's of Scotland Haggis

Earlier this week was Burns Night and a time when Scots the world over celebrate the poet Roberts Burns. Personally, I don't get too expedited about this annual celebration, if truth be told, I'm not a massive fan of the Ayrshire bard' work but that doesn't stop me joining my fellow scots as they munch their way through a mountain of Haggis.
Breaking from the traditional haggis, neeps & tattles, I would normally pick up a haggis supper from the local fish & chip shop and be quite happy that I've done my bit. However this year, thanks the good people at Hall's of Scotland, I would be serving my haggis 'au natural'.
Preparing the haggis was very easy. I opted to steam the haggis over boiling matter for a hour but I could easily have heated in the oven or simpler yet, microwaved.
Neither myself or Nicola are huge fans of the tradition 'neeps' (mashed Swede) accompaniment so whilst my haggis was cooking, I paid a visit to the local Italian chip shop for a couple of bags of chips. If I couldn't have my haggis supper, at least I was able to have the next best thing.
The haggis was tasty although nowhere near as peppery as some of the others that I've tried but that didn't stop me finishing the lot. That said, my Burns Night dinner of chips and haggis was fairly one dimensional, maybe that's where the neeps and whisky sauce come into play?
Looking back, I think that the Halls haggis would be better as an ingredient rather than as the main event, which is handy as I was given two haggis (or should that be haggises or even hagi) so I can see haggis bonbons, fritters or even a haggis cottage pie making the rounds in the coming weeks.
Thanks again to Hall's of Scotland for donating the haggis. Look out for Halls haggis, as well as their popular breakfast range, in your local supermarket. You can keep up to date with Hall's of Scotland on Facebook and Twitter.



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