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Beers of Euro 2016 - #6 Russia, Neon Beer, Baltika Brewery

#beersofeuro2016, Euro 2016, Russian beer, Baltika, Neon Bert
The next beer to step up in my #beersofeuro2016 is Neon Beer from Russia. In keeping with the short lived appearance from the Russian footballers, this review won't last long either.
#beersofeuro2016, Euro 2016, Russian beer, Baltika, Neon Bert
Russia were drawn in the same group as England, Slovakia and Wales and after opening their tournament with a draw against the English, they lost their next two games to become one of the first teams to leave the tournament.
#beersofeuro2016, Euro 2016, Russian beer, Baltika, Neon Bert
I sourced my bottle of Neon Beer for £1.89 from online beer merchant, Beers of Europe. Brewed by Russia's number one brewer, Baltika Brewery, who claim that Neon Beer isn't just a beer but an element of style. The marketing department have gone into overdrive to promote this speciality beer to a target market of young people aged 18 years old and over, who want a mild lager with medium alcohol content. A funky printed sleeve wrap completes the 'stylish' offering from Baltika and apparently the kids in Russia were very keen to try it out.
I'd love to hear what they said after tasting it! The Neon Beer poured with a very light straw colour, creating a huge light foamy head that disappeared in the blink of an eye. The beer had about as much going on in the glass as the Russian football team had on the pitch. There was no noticeable aroma from the beer and almost nothing of interest in the taste. It's not often that I pour beer away but after a couple of mouthfuls, I realised that I clearly wasn't the demographic that Baltika were chasing when they created Neon Beer. I'm annoyed that I selected this beer to represent Russia in my quest as the good people at Baltika do actually make some pretty good brews. Look out for Baltika Munchen Weizen, a cracking German style wheat beer brewed in St. Petersburg - it's a cracker!

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