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5 Questions - Jane Devonshire, MasterChef Winner 2016

Jane Devonshire, MasterChef Winner 2016, 5 Questions, Gerry's Kitchen
It's no big surprise when I say that I love the BBC TV show, MasterChef, hosted by John Torode and Gregg Wallace. In fact, I love it so much that I actually applied for the 2016 series and made it all the way to the telephone interview stage. Ah well, there's always 2017.
Anyway, it's maybe just as well that I didn't make the TV because the group of amateur chefs that were lucky enough to get that far were very good. In fact, as the series reached the semi finals, the level of cooking skill on display was so strong that I really had no idea who was going to win.
Finals Week of the 2016 series of MasterChef put the final four through their paces and when the finalists touched down on terrafirma in Mexico, mum of four, Jane Devonshire started to show signs that she was ready to snatch the MasterChef trophy away from fellow competitors Juanita, Billy and Jack.
As the final episode reached its climax, Jane served up three faultless dishes to John and Gregg, leaving them with little option but to declare her the 2016 MasterChef Champion. Following in the footsteps of Tim Anderson, Ping Coombes, and Simon Wood, the current champion managed to take time out to answer 5 Questions.
Jane Devonshire, MasterChef Winner 2016, 5 Questions, Gerry's Kitchen
Here's Jane's story;

What do you hope to do with your career now that your are 2016 MasterChef Champion?

It's been a whirlwind! I know I want to do something in the food industry but am just taking my time to look at all the options and make the right decision for me and my family.

What was your favourite challenge on the show?

That's tricky, I loved them all, but Mexico was such a stand-out moment.

What is the biggest thing that you learnt about yourself over the process?

I discovered a creativity I never knew I had.

If you could only have one of your own recipes that you cooked over the MasterChef process, what would it be & why?

That's a hard question but probably my Lobster with Sweetcorn and Chilli pannacotta - it was the first time I let my imagination run wild in the competition, and it was such a great success!

You can invite one person (living or dead) to your last meal Who would it be and why? .... and what's on the menu?

Gosh, it has to be my husband Mark, as boring as that sounds! Food would be a very long, all-day banquet and I would really drag it out!

Jane Devonshire, MasterChef Winner 2016, 5 Questions, Gerry's Kitchen
Previous MasterChef winners have told me that just being involved in the show can be life changing and after fighting a battle with cancer for the last ten years, being crowned MasterChef Champion is just the start of a whole new world for Jane and her family. Winning MasterChef can open so many doors but right now, Jane is simply enjoying the opportunities that come her way. Jane's new website was launched recently and will be adding recipes on a regular basis as well as updating her fans with news of upcoming events.
I would like to thank Jane for taking time out for answering 5 Questions and wish her all the best for the future.
You can keep up to date with news from Jane through her website or via her Facebook and Twitter pages.



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