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Product Review - I Love Gin Subscription Club

Gin, Gin Club, No6 Gin, G&T, Peter Spanton Mixers
It's fair to say that gin has gone through a bit of a renaissance over the last couple of years. This has been helped by a huge number of artisan gin producers bringing their products to the market plus an ever expanding range of mixers and garnishes being available to help serve up a 'Perfect Serve' for almost everyone.
With so many gins, tonics and mixers to choose from, how do you know which selection is the right one for you?
Gin, Gin Club, No6 Gin, G&T, Peter Spanton Mixers
This is where ILoveGin.com, a monthly gin subscription club, comes to the rescue. Their proposal is pretty straight-forward in that each month they will send you a couple of different gins with matched mixers, giving you the opportunity to try gins that you've maybe never heard of or possibly seen in a bar but been too afraid to ask for in case it wasn't to your liking. The monthly subscription costs £14 and includes enough to make four G&T's, plus a useful card containing information on each of the gins and tonics in the pack as well as helpful tips on which garnishes will compliment them best.
To help me get a feel what ILoveGin.com are all about, they kindly sent me one of their packs to try out. Myself and Nicola are partial to the odd G&T so looked forward to putting it to the test.Gin, Gin Club, No6 Gin, G&T, Peter Spanton Mixers
My gin delivery came in a very secure foam package and contained a 50ml bottle of 6 O'Clock Gin and 6 O'Clock Sloe Gin as well as two Peter Spanton mixers including London Tonic and Cardamom Tonic which was great news for us as we had tried neither before now.
6 O'Clock Gin is made by Bramley & Gage, an artisan drinks producer who have been making fruit liqueurs and vermouth for over twenty years before turning their hand to the craft gin market. 6 O'Clock Gin is named as a tribute to Edward Kain, the Great Grandfather of their Head Distiller, who made a point of enjoying his G&T at 6pm. Peter Spanton make a range of traditional (and slightly unconventional) mixers from their base in the heart of London. 

As I prepared the 6 O'Clock G&T for Nicola, I had a sneaky taste and found the 6 O'Clock Gin to be very easy to drink. It has obvious notes of orange & lemon citrus with a touch of floral elderflower while the Peter Spanton tonic also has notes of lemon and orange oil but balanced with a bitter finish. The recommended garnish for this G&T was a wheel of lemon which helped pull both G and T together to make a pretty 'perfect serve'.
Gin, Gin Club, No6 Gin, G&T, Peter Spanton Mixers
As Nicola was enjoying her G&T, I set about preparing my own drink - 6 O'Clock Sloe Gin mixed with the cardamom tonic. On it's own, the sloe gin has the flavours of cherry and almonds, almost like a warming cherry bakewell. I love these flavours and could happy drink the sloe gin over ice but the drink was lifted to another level with the addition of the cardamom tonic. The aromatic notes from the cardamom add a sweet spiciness to the drink which worked really well with the sloe gin to gpcreate a really refreshing drink. I imagined be that this tonic would also work well with Opihr Gin and Warner Edwards Dry Gin as they both carry a heavy cardamom hit.
I love gin and thanks to ILoveGin.com, I now know that I love two more gins plus I've had the chance to try out a couple pretty tasty tonics too. As mentioned above, the monthly subscription is just £14 which i think is great value when you're getting enough stock to make up four G&T's
I'd like to thank ILoveGin.com for sending me a trial box and wish them all their best in their quest to educate and quench the gin drinkers of the UK.
So if you love gin and love trying new or different gins, why not check out the ILoveGin.com website for more information on how to subscribe? You can also keep up to date with the team at ILoveGin.com on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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