Sunday, 7 August 2016

Product Review - The Soho Juice Co, Lemon Lime Cucumber Mint Mixer

The Soho Juice Co, Product review, mixers
A few weeks ago the good people at The Soho Juice Co. asked me to try out their new citrus infused cucumber and mint soft drink. Always keen to help, I jumped at the chance and a few days later I received a package containing a bottle of Soho plus a few miniature bottles of booze to help get me started and a handy book containing cocktail recipes that have Soho at the heart of them.
The Soho Juice Co, Product review, mixers
Soho came about when two friends with a love of cucumber set their sights on creating a new drink that would be aimed specifically the bar market. After infusing cucumber with lemon, lime and fresh mint, they came up a drink that is uniquely refreshing drink on its own and works brilliantly as a mixer in cocktails.
The Soho Juice Co, Product review, mixers
After flicking through the cocktail book on Friday evening I set about putting the Soho into practice by preparing a couple of drinks for myself and Nicola. The drinks all looked fantastic and Nicola struggled to choose but in the end she asked me to prepare The Raspberry & Honey Sundown, made by shaking crushed fresh raspberries with Belvedere vodka, lemon juice, apple juice, honey and Soho to create a refreshing tall cooler style cocktail. This was a delicious balance of sweet and sharp and would be a perfect drink to serve on a hot Summer day. The drink would have worked perfectly well with just the apple and lemon juice but the addition of the cucumber and mint from the Soho adds another layer that lifts the drink to another level.
I'm a huge fan of rum based cocktails so when I spotted the White Rum Soho in the book, I decided that this would the drink for me although I did make a little amendment to suit my own taste by replacing the white rum with some of my Appleton Estate 12 Year Old Rare Blend. My Golden Rum Soho was a blend of rum, lemon juice, sugar syrup and Soho, shaken then served over ice with a clever garnish of a cucumber ribbon. I would never have thought of shaking rum with lemon juice, fearful that the two flavours are polar opposites on the taste spectrum but the cooling flavours of the cucumber and mint in the Soho done a great job of pulling the key flavours together to create an elegant rum cocktail that hit the spot.
While Soho might be a brilliant new mixer for those looking for fresh flavours from their cocktails but Soho can also be enjoyed as a soft drink too. When served over ice, with a wedge of lime and a few slices of fresh cucumber, Soho delivers true refreshment.
I would like to thank the Soho Juice Co for sending me their product to try, I really enjoyed the fresh flavours of Soho and will be looking out for it in trendy bars over the coming months.



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