Monday, 26 September 2016

Lerwick Brewery Launch their Beer in Cans

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Lerwick Brewery, who hail from Shetland, the most northerly islands in the UK, are joining the craft beer in cans revolution. The brewery have now released their flagship 60 North lager, Lerwick IPA and Azure in 330ml cans.
The brewery already offer their beers in bottles but have recognised the growing trend surrounding craft beer in cans. The USA has led the way on the canned beer front, with lots of popular craft breweries offering their beer in cans rather than bottles, and it already appears that this trend is going to be mirrored in the UK, with a number of craft breweries turning to the canned option.
Canning beers offers a number of advantages over bottling them and Rhanna Turberville, Head Brewer, explained why canned beer tastes better than bottled; “Cans are a much better way of storing beer. They stop it from being damaged by exposure to light which causes a chemical reaction in the beer, altering the taste. They also minimise air contamination so keep the beer fresher. This means our canned beer tastes like it’s just come straight from our brewery tanks”
Isla Mercer, Chief Executive, said, “We’re delighted to now be able to offer our beer in an alternative to glass bottles. Cans are much lighter and easier to store since they can be stacked, so are ideal for maximising space on the shelves of shops and bar fridges. They can also be used for events where glass isn’t permitted”.
Cans of 60 North Lager, Azure and Lerwick IPA will be available in bars and shops around Scotland.



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