Tuesday, 6 September 2016

New Iron Brew Sauce Launch Shakes Up Condiment Convention

Scottish condiment company Necessaucery Ltd are sending shockwaves around the sauce status quo this week with the launch of their new distinctly Scottish sauce products.

Iron Brew Sauce and Hot Iron Brew Sauce were cooked up by Paisley-based business Necessaucery Ltd, and aim to shake up the sauce scene by providing a real alternative to sauce shelf staples. Created using that most quintessential of Scottish ingredients, iron brew, these two new Necessaucery sauces are a right pair of rebel condiment contenders.

With his sauce products, Necessaucery founder Kenny Mills is aiming high, “At Necessaucery, we’re hoping for nothing less than a sauce revolution, an end to old-school tomato and brown sauce dominance. We felt the time was right for a real alternative to the drearily predictable same-old sauces, and with our Iron Brew sauces we want to blaze a taste trail for fellow flavour adventurers.”
The original idea for Iron Brew Sauce came to Kenny Mills when he was searching for ingredients for the family dinner. When he discovered that the cupboard was more or less bare an iron brew coloured lightbulb lit up in his head, and culinary experimentation with brew began. Tweaking and testing the recipes with the expert help of Food Innovation @ Abertay University in Dundee followed, and sauce perfection was born.
Kenny Mills is adamant that his sauces are not simply a flash in the pan. Although Necessaucery Iron Brew and Hot Iron Brew Sauces were created to offer something radically different from standard flavours and norms, Mills says they’re far from being a foodie fad. These are new sauce staples, designed to be used every day, in all sorts of ways. What’s more, the ingredients mean these sauces will work for vegetarian and vegan diets too.
“Our Iron Brew Sauces are so versatile. They can be used instead of the usual sauce suspects on burgers, barbeques, bacon and buffets, and we recommend them for dipping, glazing and marinating too. Our sauces are also brilliant as an alternative ingredient for creative cookery, and for jazzing up everything from weekday dinners to party food.”
These new kids on condiment corner make their official debut on the sauce scene at a launch event in Glasgow’s Bath Street Palomino Bar and Restaurant on Thursday 8th September. Kenny Mills expects his new sauces will shake up condiment convention for good, and with their distinctive flavour and flaming orange colour, you’ll soon be seeing these audacious outsiders on everyone’s sauce shelf.




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