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5 Questions - Alan Brady, Head Sommelier at Hotel du Vin, Glasgow, One Devonshire Gardens

Gerry's Kitchen, 5 Questions, Alan Brady, Hotel du Vin, One Devonshire Gardens
One of our favourite places to eat in Glasgow is Hotel Du Vin, One Devonshire Gardens. Situated on a tree lined Victorian terrace in Glasgow's West End, the luxury boutique hotel is home to a 3 AA Rosette restaurant where myself and Nicola have enjoyed champagne lunch on a number of occasions.
Wine plays a central role in the day to day operations at the hotel with each of the bedrooms named after famous vineyards from across the globe whist One Devonshire Gardens have Head Sommelier Alan Brady on hand to offer his expert advice to anyone interested in learning more about the extensive array of wines kept in the Hotel Du Vin wine cellar.
Gerry's Kitchen, 5 Questions, Alan Brady, Hotel du Vin, One Devonshire Gardens
We've known Alan for a few years and over that time and thanks to his recommendations, we have been able to try wines that we might not have normally ordered. Alan has also demonstrated his knowledge and expertise by selecting the perfect matched wines to heighten our dining pleasure. Keen to find out how a local boy ended up working as a sommelier in one of the Glasgow's top hotels, I set about asking Alan 5 Questions.
Gerry's Kitchen, 5 Questions, Alan Brady, Hotel du Vin, One Devonshire Gardens
Here's Alan's story;

How did you get started?

Like most things, luck has its part to play. I had done my WSET courses while working as a waiter and supervisor at Brian Maule. I left there to pursue a wine role and, two years later, I applied and got the sommelier position at the Old Course Hotel (via a stint as Restaurant Manager at Michael Caines Glasgow). Keeping a keen interest in wine, working with different merchants and knowing people all helped. Then the opportunity arose to come to One Devonshire Gardens and I jumped at the chance of the challenge.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give anyone looking at a career within the hospitality industry?

Work at the best places you can. Keep your head down, work hard and learn as much as possible. Taste everything both food wise and wine, there is so much to learn and understand. And enjoy it, it's a brilliant industry full of great people.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

I really hope I'm still working with wine and food. I'm sometimes asked if I would ever go into sales/retail, but I think I'd miss the buzz and push of service too much. Seeing the guests reaction to the food and wine pairings is fantastic.

If you could only be drink one wine in the world, what would it be & why?

Really hoped you wouldn't ask this one....I'm very lucky to have tried and sold some of the great wines of the world and it's difficult to pick one wine out of them all. So, I'll be difficult and say if I could only drink one type, it would probably be Pinot Noir.

You can invite one person (living or dead) to your last meal – Who would it be and why? …and what’s on the menu?

The menu is decadent ( well, why not?)

Foie Gras to start. Grouse main then cheeses and tarte Tatin to finish.

The guest? Probably have to say Silvano Giraldin, legendary front of house and former manager of Le Gavroche. I have always admired his knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for the industry.

Gerry's Kitchen, 5 Questions, Alan Brady, Hotel du Vin, One Devonshire Gardens
I would like to thank Alan for taking the time to answer 5 Questions and wish him all the best for the future. Why not book a table at Hotel Du Vin Glasgow and enjoy top quality, locally sourced produced served in elegant surroundings and take your dining experience to the next level by having Alan recommend the perfect wine to go with your meal.



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