Saturday, 1 October 2016

60 Second Craft Beer Review - Capitán APA by Cerveza NAO

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I'm currently on holiday in Lanzarote and although I tend not to drink much beer in the heat, when I heard about a new craft brewery on the island, I had to check it out.
Cerveza NAO has only been in production for three weeks but already have two beers that are attracting attention from restaurants across Lanzarote. Using the best malted grain from Germany, locally grown cereal and hops imported from the UK and America, NAO have created two beers that they hope will be a hit with local drinkers - Capitán APA, an American style pale ale and La Gloria, a Berliner style weiss beer. I bought a couple of bottles of each when I visited the brewery yesterday morning.
Craft beer, beer review, Capitán APA, Lanzarote beers, Gerry's Kitchen
Capitán APA by Cerveza NAO
  • Bought direct from brewery for €2.30 for 330ml bottle (approx. £1.99)
  • Pours with a creamy head that hangs around through the whole drink
  • Dark amber colour
  • Smells fresh and light with citrus and tropical notes on the nose
  • Medium carbonation
  • The similarity to big American Pale Ales is obvious from the initial taste. Sweet malt, bitter hops and fresh citrusy notes all fight for attention in the mouth. In the end, the fresh citrus comes to the front making this a great beer to enjoy in the hot Lanzarote sun.
I love the big hoppy American pale ales and I would put Capitán APA up there with some of the best. The balance of sweet, bitter and fresh is fantastic but the brewmaster at NAO has done a great job in keeping the beer refreshing enu go to enjoy on a hot day. This beer is easily one of the best that I've tasted in recent months, so much so that I'm disappointed that I only bought two bottles!


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