Thursday, 10 November 2016

Hebridean Food Company Launches Venison Range

The Hebridean Food Company has today added a range of venison products to their online retail business. The range of premium venison cuts, sausages and mince is produced from wild red deer from the Amhuinnsuidhe Estate on the Isle of Harris.

The Scottish business, founded by 25-year-old lobster fisherman’s son Douglas Stewart, already sells an extensive selection of seafood, organic beef and organic lamb, all boasting Hebridean provenance, to consumers across the UK from its online shop.

Douglas commented: “I believe this to be red deer venison of the purest quality to be found in the UK today. As the deer exist on a well-managed estate on the Isle of Harris, there has been no interbreeding with other species. Provenance and traceability are of paramount importance to us. I communicate with the small team of just two people who stalk, gralloch, drag, skin, hang and butcher the deer for us.”

Amhuinnsuidhe in North Harris is renowned as one of the finest sporting estates in Scotland, set amidst a dramatic and pristine landscape. The red deer roam freely in the hills and glens, entirely wild and free of disturbance. They live a stress free, natural existence, feeding on the heather that carpets the hillsides in purple, amongst mountain hares and red grouse, drinking from pure mountain streams.

A large estate with a small workforce, their venison is a by-product of estate management of nationally and internationally designated land that adheres to strict agreements for managing herds. Amhuinnsuidhe’s stalkers have been trained to the highest standard, working under the Scottish Quality Wild Venison Scheme to ensure best practice at all stages.

Douglas continued: “As with all the products we sell, we strive for as little intervention as possible between land, sea and plate. We want our customer to enjoy our products in as fresh and as natural a state as possible.”

Douglas, from the Isle of North Uist, founded The Hebridean Food Company in 2014. His passion for Hebridean produce started at an early age when his weekends were spent on fishing boats and sorting lobsters. His passion now is to ensure everyone in the UK is able to enjoy a true taste of the Hebrides.

In 2015, the company began the development of a range of 12 soups and 4 sauces. These were launched in January this year. In the same month the company secured its first nationwide supermarket listing of Mussel Chowder with Aldi. Confident in the product, Aldi agreed to a further two national listings this September. In addition, contracts for the soups have been secured with Selfridges, Whole Foods Market, Earthy food markets, House of Bruar and The Cress Company wholesale.

This summer, the company raised over £160,000 via a crowd-funding campaign to expand the soup and sauces production from their factory. They are currently developing more products with Colin Bussey, whose 35-year career in the food industry includes roles as executive chef at The Savoy and Gleneagles, operations director at P&C Morris and managing director of Simon Howie Foods.



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