Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Loch Fyne debut Makar Gin Infused Smoked Salmon – a first for Scottish market

Scotland’s finest seafood producer, Loch Fyne Oysters has collaborated with Glasgow Distillery Company to launch Makar Gin Infused Smoked Salmon, which is a first for the Scottish market, adding to their expanding range of salmon products.
The new product is produced using fresh salmon fillets which are cured with salt, sugar and Makar Glasgow Gin before being smoked over oak shavings from retired whisky casks. The result is a distinctive taste experience, with exceptional depth of flavour and a moist, delicate texture.
Deputy Managing Director, Martyn Paterson, Loch Fyne Oysters said: “At Loch Fyne we are continually exploring new flavours and developing new ideas which complement our smoked salmon. Makar Gin Infused Smoked Salmon is a marriage made in heaven.
"At Loch Fyne we are dedicated to provenance, quality and sustainability and our salmon is renowned world wide for its flavour and texture.
"Award-winning Makar Glasgow Gin is handmade in small batches and carefully prepared in a copper pot-still (called Annie). An innovative blend of juniper berries and seven other botanicals including black peppercorns and lemon peel creates a spicy zest which complements our salmon perfectly.”
“We are delighted to add Loch Fyne’s Makar Gin Infused Smoked Salmon to our range and it joins new flavour combinations such as Double Cured Beetroot Smoked Salmon.”
Liam Hughes, CEO and Co-Founder of The Glasgow Distillery Company said: “Gin and seafood pair exceptionally well. We are proud to partner with Loch Fyne to see the launch of this fantastic new product Loch Fyne MAKAR Gin infused Scottish Smoked Salmon. This is a superb opportunity for two neighboring premium food and drink producers to show off not only the quality of our own products but also the quality and diversity of what Scotland’s waters as well as our growing drinks industry has to offer.”

Makar Gin Infused Smoked Salmon will be available from 04/04/2017 in the following sizes:

D-cut 1-1.5kg side100g retail pack200g retail pack



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