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Restaurant Review - Number 10 Hotel, Queens Drive, Glasgow

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A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to visit Number 10 Hotel in the south side of Glasgow and try out their new restaurant menu. I'll be honest and say that before that initial email, I hadn't heard of the boutique hotel which is based in the Queen's Park suburb of Glasgow. Located just ten minutes from the city centre, Number 10 Hotel is perfectly positioned for anyone looking for some rest & relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of Scotland's largest city but still close enough that they sample the big city lights if they want to enjoy a night out.
Gerry's Kitchen, restaurant review, Number 10 Hotel, Glasgow restaurants, food blogger
Having arrived a little early for our booking, we took a seat at the bar and enjoyed a much needed drink after a long day at work before taking our seat in the adjoining restaurant. Our booking was for 6pm and at the time we thought that we might be the only ones dining that night but it didn't take long before the restaurant started to fill with a mix of hotel residents and local walk-ins too. In fact, by the time we finished, there was only a couple of tables in the restaurant that weren't occupied.
Gerry's Kitchen, restaurant review, Number 10 Hotel, Glasgow restaurants, food blogger
Number 10 Hotel work hard to use the best ingredients and fresh produce for all of their menus, sourcing from award-winning Campbell's Prime Meats, the fruit and vegetables coming fresh from Elliot's, and all their fish coming from Bernard Corrigan.
The menu reads like a lot of typical pub grub menus and I'll be honest and say that if I wasn't there to review the food, Number 10 Hotel probably wouldn't be somewhere that we would normally go for dinner. That said, there was enough choice available for us each to easily select two courses.
For my own starter, I ordered the chilli & coriander tempura chicken with sweet chilli and soy dipping sauces. The tender strips of chicken were coated in a light and crispy tempura batter, accompanied by dollops of chilli sauce that packed a great amount of heat but lacked any detectable coriander flavour but I didn't mind as it was a great partner for the crispy chicken strips. The only let down for me was the recently decanted sweet chilli and soy sauce dips that were served on the side. I would have been happy with more dollops of the fiery chilli sauce.
Gerry's Kitchen, restaurant review, Number 10 Hotel, Glasgow restaurants, food blogger
As is the way, as soon as Nicola spotted scallops on the menu, she had an easy decision. I have to say that when her trio of pan seared scallops with Stornoway Black Pudding and pea purée arrived, I was slightly jealous. The scallops were cooked well with nice caramelisation across the top and bottom and were resting on discs of crumbly black pudding. In an unusual twist, the chef had kept the scallop roe attached giving the dish a proper taste of the sea. I know that the roe isn't to everyone's taste but Nicola enjoyed the combination of flavours along with sweetness of the well seasoned pea purée. Overall' this was a nice balance of texture and flavour.
Gerry's Kitchen, restaurant review, Number 10 Hotel, Glasgow restaurants, food blogger
Both of the starters had given us an idea of what the chef was capable of and by this point, we were both looking forward to our main course.
I had given serious thought to ordering the Number 10 House Burger but in the end I opted for the rump of lamb with red wine jus, cauliflower purée, sautéed potatoes, mushrooms and peas. I had a picture of Sunday roast in my head but what arrived couldn't have been further from my thoughts.
The lamb rump was presented on a bed of cauliflower puree, and surrounded by a medley of fresh garden peas, various varieties of mushrooms, sautéed potatoes with the red wine jus drizzled over and around. For me, this was a confusing plate of food. There were elements that I really liked but also a couple of things that didn't tick my boxes. The lamb was seasoned well and cooked to a perfect pink finish and working well with the sweetness of the peas. The sautéed potatoes were nice but could have been taken just a little further in the pan to a crispier finish which would have added a little texture to the overall dish. I'm not the biggest fan of mushrooms and can't recall having had them with lamb in the past - It might be down to personal taste but they just didn't work for me. The red wine jus was rich and full of flavour and done a great job of pulling the dish together however as it had been poured all around the dish, it completely overpowered the cauliflower purée. I would have preferred the jus to be served on the side for me to pour as I need. It's a shame as the lamb, peas and potatoes were all very good and I'm sure with a few tweaks, this dish isn't far from perfect.
Gerry's Kitchen, restaurant review, Number 10 Hotel, Glasgow restaurants, food blogger
I had expected Nicola to order the fish and chips but she had her eye on the Number 10 traditional steak pie with roasted root vegetables and creamy mash potatoes which was a huge serving and one that even Desperate Dan would have been happy with.
I'm not going to get into the debate about when is a pie a pie because I know the purists will immediately shout out "that's not a pie" but when you're cooking for numbers, it is a lot easier to serve up the steak pie filling with a separate puff pastry top - which is what we had at Number 10 Hotel. That's how I do it at home and I don't have a problem with restaurants doing it either!
The steak pie filling was fantastic. Packed with tender melt in the mouth beef, the steak pie filling was well seasoned in a rich meaty gravy and the puff pastry crust on top was light and flaky. The roasted carrots, parsnips, courgettes and swede were all cooked well however the mashed potato was sadly lacking in seasoning or butter so wasn't as creamy as Nicola would have liked.
Gerry's Kitchen, restaurant review, Number 10 Hotel, Glasgow restaurants, food blogger
Both of our main courses were generous in size and we really didn't have room for pudding but our waitress talked us into sharing the hot chocolate fondant with milk chocolate sauce and pistachio ice cream..... and I'm glad that she did.
The fondant was cooked to order allowing us fifteen minutes to relax after dinner and finish our wine. When the fondant did arrive at the table, we were both looking forward to it. Hats off to the chef on the perfectly cooked chocolate fondant which was soft and spongy on the outside but gooey and molten in the middle. If this wasn't too chocolate-y, the fondant was surrounded my a creamy milk chocolate sauce, the accompanying pistachio ice cream done a great job of cutting through the rich sweet pudding. The pudding also accompanied by a piece of homemade shortbread that was light and crumbly but didn't really go with the indulgent fondant.
Gerry's Kitchen, restaurant review, Number 10 Hotel, Glasgow restaurants, food blogger
By the end of dinner we were both stuffed. The portion sizes were huge and having checked out the food served to the other diners, it looks like hearty servings is something that Number 10 Hotel specialise in and based on the fresh local produce used in the kitchen, the prices on the menu offer really good value for money. Ok, so there might have been a few little things that could have been done better but these weren't enough to spoil our enjoyment on the night. We never had the chance to see much more of the hotel but I do intend to get back for a better look in the coming weeks.
We dined as guests of the hotel but the review above is an honest account of our evening. Any negative comments were fed back to the management on the night.
We would like to thank the staff and management of Number 10 Hotel for their hospitality and generosity and wish them all the best for the future.
So if you're looking for somewhere to eat in Glasgow's south side, I can recommend Number 10 Hotel for great value for money hearty cooking. Check out the website for their latest offers.



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