Monday, 30 October 2017

'Big Yin' Gets Ready for Knighthood with an Indian Night Out

Glasgow is often called Britain’s Indian food capital so when Billy Connolly fancied a nice meal out with his family in his native city he chose one of its top Indian restaurants.

The 74-year-old, known in Glasgow as ‘The Big Yin,’ enjoyed dinner with relatives at Dhakin in the Merchant City district - perhaps celebrating his forthcoming knighthood. Buckingham Palace announced in the Summer that the comedian, actor and musician is to be knighted by The Queen for his services to entertainment and charity.

Dhakin specialises in South Indian food and was the first Indian restaurant in the UK to offer 100% gluten-free dishes. Billy’s choice was mamsam nilgiri (A herby lamb preparation with fresh coriander, mint and coconut with a hint of green chillies) with rice and shared with the rest of the table of five a paper dosa - a delicate crispy paper-thin crêpe spanning two to three feet.

For many years Glasgow has vied with Bradford for the title of Britain’s Curry Capital awarded by judges during National Curry Week. Indian food is the most popular cuisine in the city, accounting for two out of every five takeaways ordered.

Nav Basi, who owns Dhakin and its near neighbour The Dhabba in the city’s Candleriggs, commented: “It was an honour to serve Glasgow’s most famous living son. Staff were delighted to hear Sir Billy say on the night he’ll be coming back for a South Indian food encore.”



Date Confirmed for 2018 Taste of Shetland Festival

Following the highly successful Taste of Shetland Festival (formerly the Food Fair) in September, organisers Shetland Food and Drink have confirmed the date for the 2018 Taste of Shetland Festival as 5-7 October 2018. The Festival will return to the Clickimin Leisure Centre, Lerwick, building on its continued success there.
Jill Franklin, Manager of Shetland Food and Drink said: “Yet again we were overwhelmed with the response to the event. This year was the first time we used the Taste of Shetland brand and we think that this has created a strong identity for the event. Feedback was consistently good and folk talked about the great atmosphere and how established the event feels now. We welcomed a more diverse range of exhibitors this year, which added even more interest, and this year’s Heritage Area focus on Grow Your Own section also proved popular.
“We had over 3,000 people attend this year - in keeping with last year, which was great. We want the event to go from strength to strength so letting people know the date now means both visitors, exhibitors and other participants have plenty of time to plan ahead for next year. We are also keen to attract people to attend from outside of Shetland, so will start publicising this date now and are looking forward to opening booking in the New Year.”
The Festival, which promotes everything food and drink in Shetland, celebrates all producers big and small. It also hosts the “Taste of Shetland Cooking Challenge” which provides talented cooks with a chance to display their culinary skills whilst also putting local produce at the heart of the event.


Thursday, 26 October 2017

Easy Recipe - Sticky Chinese Chicken

I always try to plan out dinner for the week ahead as I tend to do my 'big shop' at the weekend. However, since returning from holiday, I have not been as organised as I normally am so as I travelled home from work last night, I realised that I didn't have a clue what I would be serving for dinner an hour later!
I knew that I had a pack of fresh chicken thighs in the fridge so turned to my trusted friend, BBC Good Food, and within a few minutes I had found a recipe that had just a few simple store cupboard ingredients and I was sorted for dinner.
Sticky Chinese Chicken Thighs
Ingredients (serves 4)
  • 8 chicken thighs, bones removed
  • 4 tbsp hoisin sauce
  • 2 tbsp sesame oil
  • 2 tbsp clear honey
  • 1 1/2 tsp Chinese five spice
  • 2 cloves garlic, grated
  • 1 inch ginger, grated
  • 8 Spring onions, cut into inch long pieces
  • 50g unsalted cashew nuts
  1. Remove the bones from the chicken thighs and score the skin with a sharp knife. Place the thighs in a deep baking tray and set aside.
  2. Mix the honey, hoisin, Chinese five spice, sesame oil, ginger and garlic together then pour over the chicken thighs. Make sure the chicken is well covered with the marinade then place in a preheated oven (Gas Mark 7, 220 degrees C)
  3. Roast for 35 minutes then remove from the oven. Turn the thighs in the sauce for a final baste before adding the spring onions and cashew nuts. Put back in the oven for a final 5 minutes of cooking.

To serve, divide some cooked rice between four bowls then top with two sticky chicken thighs before spooning over some of the rich sauce from the baking tray, making sure to get some of the softened spring onions and cashews.

After just ten minutes in the oven, the rich aroma of sesame oil, hoisin and Chinese five spice filled the kitchen and even at that early stage in the cooking process I knew that I had found a recipe that I will be returning to time and again however I might reduce the amount of honey as the dish was a little too sweet for myself and Nicola.
The chicken was tender and juicy while the skin was crispy yet sticky too. The balance of sweet and spice was just about right although when I make this dish next time, I might add some dried chilli flakes to add a little fire to the mix.
This dish would easily feed four for less than £3 so why not give this a try at home and let me know how you get on?



Monday, 23 October 2017

Keep warm on Bonfire Night with Feeney's Irish Cream Liqueur

What better way to keep away the cold night air on the 5th November than sipping a luxurious Feeney's Irish Coffee:
  • Heat gently 100ml Feeney's Irish Cream Liqueur with 1 cup of freshly brewed coffee.
  • Pour into a toddy glass and top with 1 teaspoon of whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

1 litre bottles available from: Tesco, RRP £15.00 ABV: 17%

70cl bottles available from, and Amazon. RRP: £12.50 ABV: 17%



The perfect white spirits cocktails for Autumn

The colours of Autumn, in a glass

Whether you are after Halloween Treats, Bonfire Night Party serves to wow your guests, or just a new drink to enjoy on one of autumn’s longer evenings, look no further than our selection of delicious cocktails made with Black Cow Vodka, Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin and Thomas Dakin Gin.

A touch of white magic – white spirit cocktails for Halloween.

Trick or Treat?

  • 45ml Black Cow Vodka
  • 20ml Ginger wine
  • 15ml Pumpkin Orgeat (Homemade, but Monin Pumpkin Spice/Orgeat will do to make things easier)
  • 10ml Lemon juice
  • 5ml Pineapple juice

Hard shake and double strain to coupette, the pineapple will give a slight foam. Garnished with dried lemon slice and a little cinnamon dust.

Hallowe'en candy optional!

Variant: Trick or Treat, use pumpkin spice for Trick and Orgeat for Treat.

Blood and Sandbanks

  • 25ml Black Cow Vodka
  • 25ml Lindesfarne Mead
  • 25ml BOLD Aperitif
  • 25ml Blood orange juice
  • 5ml Laphroaig

Shake and double strain, serve in a chilled coupette

Garnish with dried blood orange slice (HINT: If you don't have a dehydrator, dry orange slices in the oven on a low heat).

Tom and Mary (Red Snapper style)

  • 50 ml Thomas Dakin Gin
  • 120ml tomato juice
  • 15ml lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon of Worcester sauce
  • 1/2 tsp of Tabasco,
  • 1/2 tsp horseradish sauce
  • 8 coriander leaves
  • Splash of orange juice

Combine and stir all ingredients over ice. Serve in a chilled hi-ball glass, top with a splash of orange juice and garnish with sprig of coriander, stick of celery and grounded black pepper.

Bonfire Night Party Cocktail Serves

Fireside Punch

  • 40ml Black Cow
  • 20ml fresh lemon juice
  • 20ml honey syrup
  • 15ml Amaretto
  • 2 teaspoon allspice dram
  • Topped with a dry sparkling wine, like a Blanc de Blanc.

Shake ingredients & fine-strain in a double rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a slice of lemon or star anise.

If you're filling up a punch bowl at a party, use the following quantities:

  • 1 x 50cl bottle Black Cow Vodka
  • 340ml lemon juice
  • 340ml honey syrup
  • 230ml amaretto
  • 110ml allspice
  • Dilute with 450ml of water & fill the punch bowl with ice cubes or an ice block (easily made by freezing water in a mixing bowl overnight). You will get less dilution with an ice block, so you may need to add additional water to taste.

Top with sparkling wine and garnish with cinnamon sticks, clove-spiked lemon segments, and star anise. Edible flowers are nice if available.

Cinnachai Flip

  • 50ml Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin
  • 20ml Cointreau
  • 20ml Lime juice
  • 10ml Sugar syrup
  • 2 dashes Grapefruit Bitters

Shake & fine strain into coupe glass

The Dakinez

  • 35ml Thomas Dakin Gin
  • 15ml Martini Rosso (Red Vermouth)
  • 10ml Cointreau
  • 1 x Dash Angostura Bitters
  • Orange Peel garnish

Chill a Martini glass with ice, add all ingredients to a mixing glass, stir well with ice using bar spoon. Fine strain into the chilled glass then garnish with an orange twist.

Autumnal Evenings

  • Opihr G&G
  • 50ml Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin
  • Fever Tree Ginger Ale

Fill a tall glass with ice, add Opihr Gin & top with Fever Tree Ginger Ale. Garnish with an orange swirl.

Apples and Pears

  • 40ml Black Cow Vodka
  • 50ml Pinot Grigio
  • 6 mint leaves
  • 25ml apple juice
  • 10ml lemon juice
  • 10ml Monin Gomme Syrup
  • 5ml Xante (pear liqueur)

Build in highball or large wine glass. Chill the glass with cubed ice, discard excess water. Place all ingredients, including mint leaves in the glass. Stir, top with crushed ice and garnish with pear slice and mint sprig. Dust with icing sugar and add a straw.



A devilishly great cocktail for Halloween

Instead of rustling up a rich, chocolatey cocktail to celebrate Halloween this year why not try something refreshingly different.

The Dublin Liberties Devil Smash is delicious and very easy to make at home:

  • In a Collins Glass muddle 50ml of The Dublin Liberties Oak Devil with 12.5ml honey syrup (1 part honey to 1 part hot water to dissolve)
  • 6-8 mint leaves
  • 2 wedges of lemon.
  • Fill up the glass with crushed ice and garnish with a sprig of mint - perfection!

The Dublin Liberties Oak Devil Irish Whiskey is a non chill-filtered 46% blend of malt and grain whiskies, aged for many years in selected casks. It takes its name from the Liberties area of Dublin, a riotous quarter of the city known as 'Hell' in the 1700s. An oak-carved devil stood watch over the entrance to the Liberties watching the mayhem happening within.

Over time the devil disappeared and, legend has it, the carving was made into whiskey barrels, its dark power subsuming and infusing the maturing spirit, making this the perfect Halloween tipple.

Available from: Amazon,,, the RRP: £35 for 70cl. ABV: 46%.



The Finnieston Creates the G&S

Glasgow bar, The Finnieston launches ‘Green Goblin’, a native twist on traditional G&T

The group behind some of Scotland’s best restaurants is giving customers a refreshing twist on a traditional G&T this autumn with the launch of its unique gin and soda serve.

Working closely with Bombay Sapphire, partner in the project, Kained sought to create a modern interpretation of a gin and tonic and approached Gregor Leckie, founder of Rapscallion and Raw Soda to create the recipe serve using local Scottish ingredients.

Renowned for his experimental creations that draw on the science behind flavours at a molecular level, Gregor set to work alongside Aaron Jones from Bombay Sapphire and James Kemp from Kained to develop a soda that would pair perfectly with the gin.

The refreshing soda, known as ‘Green Goblin’, features wood avens root, sweet cecily seed, sorrel leaf, granny smith apple and lime zest, which have been cleverly combined to give a balance of sweet, sour, spice and bitter that perfectly complements the botanicals in the gin. The soda, is bright and zesty on the nose but spicy and dry on the finish, taking the consumer on a journey of their senses.

To coincide with Kained’s commitment to seasonal produce, the restaurant hopes to create a perfect serve each season which will feature different flavours.

Commenting, James Kemp from Kained Holdings, said: “We’re passionate about using Scotland’s larder and showcasing the fantastic produce we have right on our doorstep and are always exploring new ways to bring this to our customers.

“Working alongside the team at Bombay we were keen to bring something different this autumn to the perfect serve and knew Gregor was just the person to help us achieve this with his impressive knowledge and passion for sharing our ethos of local, quality produce.

“It’s been great fun developing the soda and learning the process behind the flavouring and carbonation from Gregor and we’re excited to offer it at The Finnieston; we hope our customers enjoy our refreshing new G&S. We’re looking forward to experimenting with different flavours and ingredients over the coming months.”

Gregor Leckie, director of Rapscallion and founder of Raw Soda, added: "When Kained approached me with the opportunity to develop a 21st century mixer, I jumped at the chance. Tonic water's original purpose was medicinal but the reality today is far from that, so we wanted to create a modern mixer that would pair well with the botanicals in the gin.

“It was great working closely with the team at Kained, Aaron and a local forager Gary Goldie to create a bespoke mixer that is truly guilt-free, locally sourced and made using raw organic cane sugar and no preservatives. I really hope people enjoy it."

Aaron, Trade Ambassador for Bacardi Martini and Bombay Sapphire, added: “Working with Kained and Gregor was a wonderful experience, their take on flavour is exceptional and the delivery is beyond any expectation. What we have created is a perfect match to the unique freshness of Bombay Sapphire.”

The serve is available now at The Finnieston, 1125 Argyle St, Glasgow, G3 8ND.

For more information on Kained Holdings please visit



Fazenda Expands North of the Border

Rodizio Bar & Grill to open on Edinburgh's George Street early next year.
Independent restaurant operators City District Group, founders of the Fazenda Bar & Grill brand in Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester, are set to open a fourth outlet in the Scottish capital in early 2018. A fifth location in Glasgow is also being sought.
A £2m refurbishment of the 7000 sq ft site on Edinburgh’s prestigious George Street will offer 175 covers including a bar area of 40 covers, plus a private dining room for 8 guests.
Fazenda’s Sales and Marketing Director, Tomas Maunier, commented: “Edinburgh is a vibrant city, with a great personality and an amazing food scene. We want to share a unique and authentic dining experience, similar to the best restaurants in São Paulo or Rio, that will transport our guests to South America. With Scotland being world-renowned for its beef, we thought it was time for us to bring our way of cooking and serving meats to the people of Edinburgh.”
Fazenda presents an authentic gaúcho dining experience that embraces rodizio, a unique Brazilian way of serving a variety of grilled meats carved at the table.
For a set price, successions of prime cuts arrive at the table including chicken, lamb, pork and beef including Fazenda’s signature picanha cut, a juicy, tender and flavourful cut from the cap of the rump that is very popular in Brazil. Fazenda ensures the experience is easy and enjoyable by allowing diners to eat at their own pace via a start/stop signalling system on every table.
Diners are also invited to visit Fazenda’s outstanding gourmet sides bar offering an extensive selection of salads, sushi, smoked salmon, fresh cut vegetables, cured meats, traditional Brazilian dishes, and more.
Wine is a key ingredient of the Fazenda experience, with a carefully-curated wine list offering diners a perfect accompaniment to every cut of meat. Chris Milner, Head Sommelier said: “On top of a mix of New and Old World wines, we source a very special selection of South American premium and aged wines. The journey would not be complete without great wines.”
Francisco Martinez, Executive Head Chef for the group, commented: “The high quality of our produce is essential in delivering the authentic gaúcho experience. We carefully select our meats, just as we would if we were cooking for our friends back in Brazil, and limit the seasoning to the minimum so the natural flavours and textures of these great cuts shine through. The beauty of the experience is that you don’t get stuck with one cut, you go through a culinary voyage that allows you to enjoy a rainbow of flavours.”
Tomas Maunier added: “Our aim is to ensure our guests enjoy great food and great wines with great company. What else can we ask for?”
Fazenda, 100 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3DF
Twitter: @FazendaGroup
Instagram: @FazendaGroup


Sunday, 22 October 2017

White Horse - Oysters & Seafood on the Royal Mile

New restaurant serving the best of British seafood opens this November.

This November sees a new addition to the Edinburgh restaurant market as the team behind Chop House Bar & Butchery launch their latest venture in Edinburgh’s Old Town.

White Horse Oyster & Seafood Bar will open seven days a week on the site of the oldest inn on the Royal Mile, offering a dining experience focused on fresh seafood and shellfish. Boasting a custom-designed lobster tank, this new restaurant is committed to placing the highest quality seafood at the core of the business.

Managing Director Mark Fraser commented: “We wanted to go back to basics and create a classic and relaxed offering where the ingredients take centre stage, so sourcing the very best seafood is crucial for us at White Horse.”

A key feature of the restaurant will be its large custom-made lobster tank, presenting diners with the opportunity to select fresh Scottish lobster at varying weights. The spectacular tank promises to be an impressive feature of the venue’s interior.

Sharing platters of shellfish including lobsters, scallops and crab will form a key part of the offering and a range of oysters from across the UK will be available, shucked on the bar in full view of the customers.

The menu is designed to showcase the best of British shellfish and seafood in a collection of dishes to be shared by the whole table. Seafood platters and small plates allow tables to feast on a wide range of seafood. In addition, a selection of stand-alone dishes like monkfish curry, lobster and fries and whole lemon sole will be available.

Mark continued: “Shellfish is often considered a luxury ingredient, and seafood restaurants as formal and expensive. Whilst the focus of White Horse will always be on the quality of the ingredients we source, we are very excited to introduce a new and relaxed way to enjoy seafood in the capital.”

The complete refurbishment of the building on Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile will create an intimate dining room, with additional covers housed in luxurious booth seating looking onto the lobster tank and further seating available within the bar area.

The interiors will feature a rich heritage colourway with a number of notable design features, such as the custom-made green marble bar top where customers will be able to enjoy fresh oysters and cocktails alongside an all-day menu of small dishes such as crab fries and sesame tuna.

As well as a carefully-crafted menu, White Horse has an unrivalled drinks offering including a bespoke cocktail menu drawing on classic influences. The list will incorporate seasonal ingredients, boutique spirits and seaside influences into a fresh and vibrant range of signature cocktail serves.

White Horse Oyster & Seafood Bar will open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, with the bar trading until late.


Twitter: @WhiteHorseEdin

Facebook: WhiteHorseOysterBar

Instagram: @WhiteHorseOysterBar



Saturday, 21 October 2017

Haunting Halloween at Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow

Haunting Halloween at Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow with a Murder Mystery Evening and Hard Rock's Spookiest Burger Ever.

Halloween is creeping up and to celebrate, Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow is pulling out all the stops to host its first ever Murder Mystery evening ‘Death by Chocolate’ along with terrifyingly tasty menu options including a Halloween Voodoo Burger and Evil Eye Cocktail for a limited time only.
Death by Chocolate Murder Mystery
On 31 October from 7pm – 10pm, Hard Rock dares fans to don their detective caps, delve into a world of mystery and solve the murder. The event guest list will include some well-known names from Victorian society in Glasgow and events might even take an unexpected turn, so prepare for a night to remember. Death by Chocolate Murder Mystery is available for one night only and the package includes a two-course set menu, with a selection of Hard Rock Cafe favourites to choose from. For full menu options and booking, visit
Haunting Halloween Menu
The Halloween Voodoo burger is frighteningly delicious! With Hard Rock’s signature, mouth-watering ½lb burger patty, terrifyingly tasty pulled pork smothered in melted cheese, a Cajun voodoo spiced slice of grilled pumpkin, all served in a brioche bun.This limited-time-only burger is the ultimate ghoulish treat this Halloween.
There’s an equally as gruesome cocktail to accompany. The Evil Eye Cocktail complete with an edible bleeding eyeball on top, is made from spiced rum, Bacardi, lime juice, pineapple, Gomme syrup, Angostura, strawberries and blueberries. This Halloween cocktail, and Hard Rock’s limited-edition Halloween burger are perfectly petrifying, partnered especially for this spooky season.
Hard Rock Cafe’s Halloween Voodoo burger is available at Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow from 26 – 31 October, priced at £14.25.
Murder Mystery ‘Death by Chocolate’
What: Murder Mystery and two course menu
Where: Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow, 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2JZ
When: Tuesday 31 October, Murder Mystery 7pm – 10pm
Entry: Tickets are £31.50 per person, inclusive of Murder Mystery, two course meal and choice of soft drink.
Booking essential 0141 353 8790
Halloween Menu
What: Halloween Voodoo Burger and Evil Eye Cocktail Menu
Where: Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow, 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2JZ
When: 26 – 31 October, 12pm – 11pm
Entry: Walk in or booking optional 0141 353 8790


Winemaker Dinner at Twenty Princes Street

Winemaker Dinner at Twenty Princes Street

Scotland Food v New Zealand Wine

Delicious 3 course dinner | 4 Fantastic Wines - Just £39.50 per person

Friday 17th November, 7pm

With Scotland taking on the mighty All Blacks at Murrayfield on Saturday 18th November, Twenty Princes Street is joining in the action with a fantastic winemaker dinner, pitting a Scottish menu against the wines of New Zealand.

We’re teaming up with the renowned Esk Valley Winery from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, to present a fantastic evening showcasing the very best, seasonal Scottish produce matched with a selection of truly amazing New Zealand wines.

You’ll enjoy a delicious glass of Esk Valley Verdelho on arrival, before sitting down to a fabulous 3-course dinner with a specially selected wine to complement each course and we’re delighted that Angela Lewis will be joining us to explain more about the wines of the evening and the boutique Esk Valley winery.

Only £39.50 per person | 7.00pm for 7.30pm

For more information or to make a reservation: T: 0131 652 7370 | E: W:



Hard Rock Cafe Introduces Seasonal Cocktails This Autumn



With temperatures dipping, crisp leaves on the ground and sweaters being sported, Hard Rock Cafe is celebrating the arrival of Autumn with limited-time mason jar cocktails - Bold Sips. Available from 12 October – 12 November 2017 at Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow and Edinburgh these brand-new cocktails come packed with seasonal, all-natural flavours, perfect for keeping cosy on chilly Autumnal days.

Enjoy the fresh taste of the Mule Over My Rosemary loaded with gin, watermelon and lime juice, the whiskey warmth in the Yellowson, or the fruity melon and lime twist of the Citrus Mary, complete with citrus vodka. For the fiery rockstar looking for some jalapeno spice this Autumn, sample The Heat Is On – the hottest cocktail of the lot, or cool things down with Cool As A Cucumber crafted with tequila and grapefruit infusion.

The new Bold Sips cocktails are available from 12 October – 12 November 2017 at Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow and Edinburgh:

Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow, 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2JZ

Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh, 20 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PF



Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Four Day Gastronomic Spanish Showcase Set For Rioja Finnieston

Michelin-starred chef Modesto Fabregat is taking over Glasgow’s leading Spanish restaurant Rioja, in a gastronomic four-day exchange this Sunday, 22nd October until Wednesday, 25th October.

Inspired by modern Michelin dining and local produce, Modesto is bringing his extraordinary style of cooking from Valentia into the Finnieston-based restaurant for a gastronomic collaboration with Rioja head chef, Luis Urrutiabeaskoa, as they both curate an unforgettable eight-course tasting menu.

From the Scottish Highlands to the Galician sea, the two kitchen maestros who both trained in Basque Country in Spain - arguably the foodie capital of the world, have taken inspiration from their surroundings and once again imagined dishes that reflect the best of Scottish and Iberian produce.

Rioja – based on Argyle Street in Finnieston, is known for imagining unexpected flavour combinations with their monthly market menu and this exclusive event is sure to inspire and delight.

Promising to take your tastebuds on a food adventure the menu the set to be a really special affair. Guests will enjoy eight sumptuous courses created in collaboration with the aim to showcase and capture Spanish culture and modern Michelin dining into dishes for you to indulge.

From the delicious streets of Spain, the evening begins with a nod to both chefs through their amouse bouches paying homage to their cooking roots. Modesto chooses a Galician octopus carpaccio while Luis creates a bold colourful interpretation of the Rioja Boudoir cocktail – a strawberry infused delightful dish with air cured Leones beef.

Moving on the gorgeous greenery of the west coast, there's a showstopping beetroot cappuccino with truffle infused organic yolk alongside west coast langoustines.

Speciality Iberian produce features heavily on the menu with seasonal foraged mushrooms, suckling pig, Galician blond pig cheek and red tuna tartare. The menu has been crafted for their customers to enjoy the true essence of Spain.

Speaking of the Michelin Takeover, Eduardo Fernandez Blanco, operations manager of Rioja and the Rotunda Restaurant Group said:
“Pushing boundaries in flavour is what our chefs set out to do every day. They’re inspired by their surroundings and their Spanish heritage. In Rioja and in Spain, food is a way of life. It’s in our blood. We always try to reflect our culture and passion in our dishes and we’ve worked hard to create an exclusive menu for Glasgow to enjoy.
Speaking about the menu, Toni Carbajosa, co-founder of The Rotunda Restaurant Group continues: “Our team is passionate about flavour. We’re passionate about produce. And we’re passionate about creating unforgettable food experiences. With the return of Modesto to the Rioja kitchen we are once again looking forward to transporting our guests to the beautiful corners of Scotland and Spain through extraordinary flavours and exciting dishes.
“If you joined us last year, you’ll know how special this exclusive pop event was. Don’t miss out, join us for a dance through Iberian autumn and intoxicating seasonal flavours inspired by modern Michelin dining.”
The eight-course tasting menu is priced at £65pp and is available on the evenings from Sunday, 22nd October until Wednesday, 25th October. Matched wines are available.
Last few tables now remaining. To book a table please contact Javier via email; or call 0141 334 0761
Keep updated, follow Rioja:

Twitter @riojafinnieston

Instagram @riojafinnieston



Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Wagyu House in Bridge of Allan Wowed by the Knife Skills of Master Butcher, Mr Tomohiro Tanaka

Wagyu House in Bridge of Allan was visited by a Japanese delegation including Master Butcher, Mr. Tomohiro Tanaka. treated an onlooking crowd, that included some of Scotland’s best butchers and celebrity chef Tony Singh, to some exceptional knife skills, as he demonstrated how to cut and prepare Wagyu as they do in Japan.

Mr. Tanaka said: “It has been a pleasure to visit the team at Highland Wagyu. I have never come across such knowledgeable people who share the same passion as we do in Japan.”

Mohsin Altajir, owner of Highland Wagyu said: “It has been a fantastic experience for us to see not only Master Tanaka at work, but also to learn a few new ideas. With ‘The Grill by HW’ opening soon, it is important that we are providing as much choice to our customers, and this has certainly helped.”

The Grill by HW, which opens at the end of October, is the latest venture by the Highland Wagyu Group, where diners will be able to enjoy the best Wagyu beef available in the UK in intimate surroundings, with a wine list to suit all.

Wagyu House - 16 Henderson St, Bridge of Allan, Stirling FK9 4HP


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