Tuesday, 6 February 2018

60 Second Craft Beer Review - Orkney Gold by The Orkney Brewery

I’m always on the lookout for different craft beers and on a recent shopping trip to my local Lidl, I spotted that they were running a special offer on bottles of Orkney Gold at just 87p per bottle. I’ve previously been impressed with other beers from The Orkney Brewery so had a good feeling that my investment in four bottles at this bargain price would be money well spent.
Operating from a former schoolhouse over 300miles north of Glasgow and using the clear Orcadian waters, The Orkney Brewery produce a wide range of beer for both the on-trade and off-sale market.

Orkney Gold (ABV 4.5%) by The Orkney Brewery

Bought at Lidl for 87p per bottle - Special offer (Normal price £1.49)
  • Pours with a small white foam head that laced the glass.
  • Deep gold in colour.
  • Initial aromas of sweet malt followed by zesty lemon.
  • Medium carbonation.
  • First taste is of malt followed by mandarin & lemon flavour cleansing the palate before a bitter hoppy finish.
This beer is so easy to drink and I have to compliment the team at The Orkney Brewery for managing to squeeze so much flavour into a beer that is only 4.5% ABV. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Orkney Gold is one of my favourite beers at the moment and I’ll be making a return trip to Lidl before they put the price back up although I’d be more than happy to pay full price. After all, it’s ‘As Good As Gold’.

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